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My buddy has a Segway MiniPRO and after riding his for a few days, I've decided to buy one for myself. I really like it except it's a little slow and the speed warning beeps got old fast. 

So my questions are... should I buy the miniPRO or go with a clone? Are there any out there that are faster than the miniPRO? What would you buy?


Thanks for the help, I'm new to the forum btw!

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Once the miniPro and the App let you go 17-18km/hr you've pretty much maxed out.  You can put slightly larger tires to get a little greater speed, but you'll have to adjust the fenders a bit or buy special fenders.

Clones tend to go slower, but it depends on what you are looking at.  See other messages on the forum,. apparently Gotway has just released a 2 wheel device that is slightly faster.  If it is only slightly faster I'm not sure why they have wasted their time with it.  I'd wait for further reviews on it.  

The MiniPlus version is slightly faster than the miniPro apparently, so that is an option.  It already has slightly bigger tires though.

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