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How to fix scratches on a KingSong?


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So I've been learning to ride in a KS-14D, and of course it's got a few deep scratches and marks,  both in the shell (white) and the handle paint (black). I think the handle will be easy to fix with small touches of paint, or even a black marker pen! However,  with the white shell I am lost. I tried to polish it with fine sandpaper but it only made it worse. Any suggestion?

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Just for the ones interested. I got feedback from the Facebook group "Fix my wheel" and got two good suggestions.

One, to use plastic dip spray, which creates a layer that you can remove later.

The other,  and the one I used,  was to use car polish. It works!  I was surprised because I thought it woukd work only on metal,  but it works wonderfully on the KS shiny plastic surfaces. It won't remove deep dents (thinking on some kind of car repair dough, mmmh) but it will smooth (with patience) lighter scratches, and it will even give back some shine!

Thanks Joey Serrin for the tip.


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