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Which new wheel for 2018 has you excited the most?


2018 upcoming releases  

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  1. 1. Which new wheel has you excited the most?

    • Inmotion V10(F)
    • Gotway MSuper X
    • KingSong KS18L
    • Segway/Ninebot Z 6/8/10
    • IPS S5
    • Other (add a comment to specify)

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I have to say I'm excited about all the new offerings coming out this year.  I'd get them all if I could, but my pockets are only so deep and my storage space is only so large.  Right now I'm leaning toward the V10F or the Z10, but I'm also very curious about the IPS S5.  By no means are the King Song or Gotway off the radar, though.  Honestly, the direction I lean depends on whatever thread or video I happen to be reading or watching at a given moment; I picked the V10 for this poll because of all the hype today :D

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I was set in the Z10 but the V10 is tempting too. I find myself torn between a brand which i love (Inmotion) and which makes my current favourite wheel and the Z10 which is a departure from the general trend in new wheel design. Its encouraging that despite the general lack of enthusiasm for electric first and last mile transport by the majority of western governments, and in some cases even the chinese, the developers see enough of a market to produce new and exciting products .... :)

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On 4/22/2018 at 9:52 AM, GoinPostal said:

In my opinion, the best wheel on the market. KingSong needs to step up their app, but their wheels rule for safety, quality, and engineering.  I got my 18S unlocked to 30mph.. it is a blast to ride!

Well that sounds like good news for the 18L.

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