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Help changing county policy on EUC’s


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Hey everyone, I am trying to get policy changed in my county park system to allow EUC’s on our hiking/ bike trails. Currently they do NOT allow ANY motorized vehicles on the trails.

So here are the points I can use some opinions on:

1. Their concern: Everyone enjoys our trails because there are no motorized vehicles on them. So, I need to explain how an EUC will not disrupt this atmosphere.

2. Their concern: If we allow EUC’s we will have to allow every other motorized vehicles ie E-bikes, handicap scooters, skateboards, scooters, Segway's etc. So, I need to be able to write policy that can prevent this.

3. I need opinions on what makes EUC’s different and superior to any other motorized vehicle.

If anyone has any additional important points to add, please feel free to do so.


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One way to allow the euc everywhere the pedestrian are, is making the euc a mobility tool for disabled persons, like wheelchairs

Other way is allowing the euc where the electric bikes are, arguing the euc have the same restrictions of the bike because it didn't ride without you effort.



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after watching @Jeffrey Scott Will ride the new v10f in that urban environment, it made me realize how out of touch i am with most of my fellow euc riders. i don't leave the ranch with mine. the skill level to navigate all the crappy public constructed roadways and sidewalks is  skill i don't attempt on a  euc. that's me, not y'all. plus, i don't go anywhere without Bob so a conveyance such as a wheel would not be safe for him. we have seen wheels get away from people, especially when they crash, i wonder if a wheel has ever hit a pedestrian. i first started riding motorcycles on the ranch, moving to street riding was also a whole other skill set.i don't like to say "never" but i can't see myself riding on public roads or sidewalks. multiuse paths without curbs, yes. if i rode street, like many of u do, i would wear as much protective gear as i could stand. and go slow. that's just me.

it is a shame, like at this humongous tax payer funded park, that they say no to everything. i was taking Bob to the dog park there and it got more use than anyplace there, about 6 other people avg, until he got fleas, and nobody was using the park. virtually deserted.6D7548D3-9D50-4E2B-BDA3-B22FE5E90D0C.jpeg.3b15b3799627bdf4e26b0279d1452079.jpeg

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I doubt this will do you any good but here got. it is part og Swedish traffic law google translated:

Electric bikes The bike definition has changed and there are three other vehicles counted as bicycles in addition to the "regular" pedal cycle.

A bike can also be one: electric vehicles with pedals; max 250 watts that can only boost the climbing up to 25 km per hour.

Here you can read more about bike with electric assistant. electric vehicles without tramps with a maximum speed of 20 km per hour; (a) max 250 watts or (b) self-balancing (eg Segway). electric vehicles without tramps intended for persons with physical disabilities. They have no power limitation but a maximum speed of 20 km per hour (eg electric wheelchair, electric scooter).

If a bike with electric assistant differs from these requirements, the vehicle will no longer be considered a bike, but will probably be considered a moped with other requirements and conditions for being used in traffic.

Read more under Bicycle with electric assistant or moped. Import of bicycles The importer of bicycles must ensure that the bicycles comply with European standards harmonized under the EU Product Safety Directive 2001/95 / EC.

Where are you going to ride a bike?

You will ride on the right side of the carriageway. If there is a bike path, you will usually use it. The same applies to two-wheel mopeds class II. However, you can ride a bike on the carriageway, even if there is a bicycle track, when it is more appropriate given the destination. In that case you must be extra careful.

Source, (google translated into English): https://www.transportstyrelsen.se/sv/vagtrafik/Fordon/Fordonsregler/Cykel/

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10 hours ago, NECway said:

Restrict the regulation to a single wheel vehicle. Nothing else allowed, since everything else has more wheels it will be excluded.

I prefer to keep in the no regulated group. The regulations sucks :ph34r:

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