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Anyone know advice how do I prevent phone locking the screen after default timeout expires?

When I ride the ninebot or m365 scooter, I use to mount the phone to holder and watch the speed in Segway-Ninebot app. However the app does not seem have any persistence and after a while the screen turns off. This does not happen when I use navigation app for example. 

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I used to have that problem also, but I changed the screen timeout in settings to always on and the app stays visible as long as I want.  I thought the app would keep the screen on but it does not, on my LG rebel phone.

After a ride I always set the screen timeout to 1 minute to save the phone battery.

Does your phone only have default timeout?

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I thought that there must be something with my phone, as Mi Home app does the same, but Waze navigation and google maps navigation stays on, disabling my screen timeout. Each application has system permission granted to disable phone going to sleep, however the Ninebot and Mi Home appears not to be using.

I have ended up installing 3rd party app, that I just run. I makes the screen stays on, but has the option to set it just for specific applications and other fancy options.


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