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Ips 122 260t app control


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I’m wondering if anyone has figured out whether or not this unit has different ride modes? I have an iphone and the only two apps that i know i can connect to are xima and xima lhotz. The only functions these apps seem to control are speed. Is there any way possible to obtain a harder ride setting? I may be remembering wrong, but when i first got the wheel when using the xima app i thought i felt the pedals stiffen up when sellecting different speed settings without actually changing the limits of the speed on the wheel.

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Hi @Ipsiain, There are different models for the LHOTZ. The later models I dealt with work with the last 2 apps designed by IPS and have the soft and sports mode. A speed adjustment won't strictly speaking limit the riding speed but more at which speed the tilt back and warnings kick in. It is also possible that the over speed margin changes but as always suggested, never ride beyond the set speed limit and respect all warnings. They avoid cutting off the power at the speed limit, and on the i5 I think (from memory) it cuts off at around 35-40km/hr (At no load. i.e. lifting it up) where its speed limit is 20km/hr. In one meeting I had with IPS I was also understood that cutoff also considers the current so a no-load will be considered in the algorithm.

Did you try the APP from IAMIPS ?

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