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Gotway Needed Improvements Thread

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i thought i would make a thread where you make a posts about what you want gotway to change

and make it simple, document why you want it to change. and if you have the same idea for a change.

just like the post. instead of making many duplicates

and no off topic

under this line. let your mind go crazy ;)


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Gotway Quality Control -

There are simple too many cases of bad control board from gotway failing. especially mosfet blows

and also generally bad board design, and cables resting on top of mosfets and cables melting together.

and weak shells on some models


gotway needs to refine their process of asembling wheels, and focus more on quality over quantity. and test every wheel before being sold to dealers

you just cant compromise on quality and rider safety when wheels are this expensive and can drive this fast


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