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sth stinks - what may happen during riding


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I've feared the day I ride through crap on my wheel. :oI can't even begin to imagine the mess it makes in the highly inaccessible wheel well. I store mine in my front closet so I'd have no choice but to pull the wheel apart to clean it properly. At least the very small clearance on the V8 would scrape most off before it entered. Bad luck.

And to the pet owners who don't clean up behind their dogs.... May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your arse! :furious:

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This is why EUC makers need to waterproof these wheels so we can hose them down!  :pooping:  For any outdoor vehicles, they will face all sorts of elements (natural and dog-made) so why not go that little extra mile to add in some simple rubber seals and channels?  People are going to be encountering rain, puddles, mud, dirt, dogpoo, etc.  It would be nice to make these wheels be able to withstand anything thrown at them.

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7 hours ago, jamakin said:

I dodge goose bombs all the time at the park I ride in, lucky for me there is usally a few puddles to ride thru for a quiick rinse at the end of the ride.

I can’t image to go into puddle to try rinse, i think i will get that mess even bigger, at least not with the EUC, maybe OneWheel+ because got only fender and its easy to clean without pulling apart

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