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How to inflate the tire of the KS 16s, do I need a special tool it’s crooked


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3 hours ago, Smoother said:

You could always get something like this:


I bought one but I haven't had to use it yet.  In theory, you screw it on, then attach your air hose to the end, then remove it.  

The limited valve access on my 191 means l need to use one of these. 

They are great and make inflating much easier, but you do need to unscrew them quickly to minimise any air loss - or add a bit extra to compensate. 

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7 hours ago, Smoother said:

Yeah I find it easier to get my lips around it. ;)

To quote another @Smoother post: That's what she said. :)

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2 hours ago, DaveThomasPilot said:

I just use a large, flat bladed screwdriver to push the stem out for filling.  Super easy, nothing special needed.

Yeah, I use whatever comes to hand, usually a key, but I thought I'd give the extension a try (All kinds of double entendres here) as they aren't expensive, and I'm tired (tired! get it!) of levering it away from the rim with a key. (oooh, was that another one?)( @The Fat Unicyclist there's three in there for you.)

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