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What is the internal Msuper light voltage....


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I wanna add 2 strips of white led (front each side of the wheel) but they run 12v, what is the internal Msuper light voltage? I was thinking either internal connection or just have small battery like 9V and keep replacing as needed..... open to suggestions.

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The original LED seems to be 1W, I tried to replace it with 5W but it was too much, the motherboard couldn't handle such current and the motor was making noises and wobbling when in flash mode, alors the heat dissipation was not enough (even with added heatsink all around) 

I think you should not try to put a too powerfull LED light even though we all want it or you'll melt the shell and have issue while riding. (I could overheat a motherboard with just turning on the LED...)

Otherwire I built-in a cheap aliexpress usb flashlight (~1800 Chinese lumens ?) On ACM and Msuper3 and it works great.




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