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How much is safety worth to you?

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Maybe it's because I come from a couple of "made in America" industries where safety and regulation are part of the way of doing business and where lawsuits lurk everywhere... but I can't shake the feeling that EUCs are getting a bit expensive for what they are.  It seems to me like brownouts and cutouts should be completely unacceptable in a mobility device costing several hundred dollars... to say nothing of the frequency of even low-speed injuries, and further the questionable materials, build quality, etc.  I gather that it's improved a bit - I'm still a few years behind the curve - but... has it?

Would improved product safety features be worth extra money to you, and if so, how much, and which would be of most value?

Or do you accept some quirks as part of the adoption curve of a niche product that's not quite mature yet?  Or welcome the persistent threat of debilitating injury as part of the allure of the culture? :)

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Right now it seems to be a grey area.

Some places are enforcing a ban, while other places are embracing them as a new form of transportation.

Seems like while it's in this grey area, it's just a new, risk-prone, toy that most people dare not jump into. Most people are interested, few dare to try it. Because of that, it is more of a novelty item than something that needs regulation.

Anyone can go out and buy a remote control drone. Not everyone dares ride one of these things. 


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This is still a new industry and I believe that as manufacturers learn; they will build safer wheels at minimal cost increase. Kingsong is just about there if they just get their App working.:(

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9 hours ago, kasenutty said:

Are you offering a higher quality EUC for less money, pst? Because I'll take one. 

Today, I'm not in a position to offer anything... and if the market is not interested in a higher quality and/or domestically produced product at a necessarily higher cost, then that is probably how it will stay. :)

To be clear re: the earlier post, I'm not suggesting regulation or "EUC airbags" or concerns of them being "unsafe at any speed"... just seems nobody put much thought into graceful failure, some measure of self-diagnosis, etc.  Admittedly I'm still a few years behind the state of the art and I do think the current models are a lot nicer than the old ones... but there are some out there that still seem awfully "cheap" at a pretty expensive price... and I think we are getting out of the "novelty" early adopter phase, and into the phase where such products should be held to real, commercial product standards.

But, I would like to get the feeling of people more experienced than me, not just my ideas.


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How much is safety worth to you?

At least €2000 per year to me.

How do I compute this? About 1h of safety training per week makes, putting a low hourly rate of €20, 52*€20 ≈ €1000 per year. Then, I lose about 8 min per day because my average speed is 20km/h instead of 25km/h, which is another 50 hours per year, so another €1000.

I think it's worthwhile and has a higher return on investment then putting the money in material, but mileages vary.

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On 3/29/2018 at 8:50 AM, Marty Backe said:

FWIW, the ACM2 has the same robust axle as the Monster - doubtful that it would ever break.

does the tesla also have the same axle?

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Yes, the Tesla Axle is the same. The ACM2, M Super V3  M Super X and The Monster all have improvements thanks to the Tesla. 

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