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Swapping battery to use it as a battery pack


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I havent done this myself but if you have an extra 320wh battery lying around somewhere (for ninebot one e+) then you know you could use it as your secondary battery

The thing is, swapping the battery involves taking off the LED strip and the battery cover, and it's a hassle for sure, but someone in Korea has done this recently so that he could swap the battery very easily on the fly.

Though the stock battery is expensive, the biggest advantage is that you dont have to mod your ninebot one charging cables or the mainboard to add a battery pack, you could just be safe and use the stock one.

One problem is that when your ninebot one gets smashed the battery cover might just fall out but that's a huge impact. 

Let me know what you think of this




This is how you take off the cover once above is done. You take the bottom part out by using a screwdriver or something, then slide the cover downward to get it off


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