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Tire lifespan?


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How long does a tire last on an EUC? On my S1, the compound seems very soft and there is noticeable wear after just a few months. The new KS-16 seems to have a harder compound. How many miles should I expect to get out of a tire?

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Probably a lot of variance, but I am 100kg and my KS16 tire should last between 3000-4000km.  If I remember correctly have about 2500 on it so far and it is noticeably worn in the center.  I already bought a new one, just waiting to replace it until I must.

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EDIT: eWheels has a great guide on them: https://www.ewheels.com/guide-tires-appropriate-pressures-electric-unicycle/ glad to see hookworms there. I used to use them on my BMX, nice tires, wish they were a tiny bit fatter.

I too noticed how soft they are on my Tesla.

Any reason why these wouldn't be a good idea on the Tesla? It's stock tire is 16" x 2.125"

https://www.unicycle.com/maxxis-hookworm-16-x-1-95-tire/ 16" x 1.95

https://www.unicycle.com/innova-16-x-2-4-tire/ 16" x 2.4 (would have to check the shell clearance.. maybe not the best city tire)


Where are people currently buying replacements?

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