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Very disappointed with customer service

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I have a Gotway Msuper V3 820Wh bought in Amazon Spain in January 2018, but the model is old and I guess the firmware is not updated, so I wanted to update the firmware or replace the controller board with a new and updated one. I copy/paste my conversation with Gotway:



07-feb (me): I finally bought a Gotway Msuper V3 820Wh. I opened the lateral case and I saw it has the old plastic connectores (they burn if the unicycle goes fast). I also noticed the board sounds at high frequency, it might didn't pass the quality control properly. I would like to know if you can provide me both things under warranty. Thank you.

08-feb (Gotway): contact your sales for service,thanks.

08-feb (me): My vendor told me I have to contact with the manufacturer.

08-feb (Gotway): pls send me your sales info.thanks.

08-feb (me): Yes, of course, it's Amazon Spain: https://www.amazon.es/

10-feb (me): Hello Jane, I might have a Msuper V3 with old firmware. Is there any chance you can send me a new board with the new firmware in order to guarantee a proper functioning of my unicycle? Thank you.
23-feb (Gotway): do you have video for your broken wheel? we can send you the pcb and you need to pay the shipping cost.

23-feb (me): In this case, please tell me what the shipping cost is. Thank you.

24-feb (Gotway): 24USD for shipping cost.

24-feb (me): Ok please tell me how to pay for it. This is my address [...] I would also like to know if you can please send me the latest firmware for the Msuper V3 820Wh to update my own board. Thank you.

25-feb (Gotway): yes the latest version.

25-feb (me): Ok, please send me a PayPal address to pay for it. According to the firmware, I mean I want to know if you can send me by e-mail the .hex or .bin file to update my actual board. Regards,
26-feb (Gotway): 375... @ qq .com
26-feb (me): Hello, I already sent you the $24 payment. PayPal ID 9RXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX. Please tell me when you'll send the board for the MSuperV3 820Wh. Regards,
02-mar (me): Hello, can you please send me a tracking number? Regards,
05-mar (Gotway): we will send this week.pls wait.
14-mar (Gotway): could you pls send me motor serial number
14-mar (me): QJ1609XXXXX Still waiting for the shipping tracking number...
15-mar (Gotway): it has out of warranty,and pls pay it. is it 67.2v or 84v?
15-mar (me): 67.2V. I already paid the shipping cost.
15-mar (Gotway): it is out of warranty pls pay the pcb
15-mar (me):  How much is it?

15-mar (Gotway): 76usd ---> WTF $76 for that cheap board???

15-mar (me): Ok, I'm not interested. Please give me back the money I paid for the shipping cost. Regards,

15-mar (Gotway): ok what is your paypal account

15-mar (me): c...s@gmail.com PayPal transaction ID 9RXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX Please cancel the payment

16-mar (Gotway): Ok thanks.

16-mar (me): Please refund me. Still waiting for it. Thank you.

19-mar (me): Please give me back my money.



As you can see:

1) The manufacturer says I have to contact with the seller

2) She accepts to send me a replacement board if I pay the shipping cost (in any case will send me a .bin with the updated firmware)

3) Once I pay she doesn't send it in that week (first lie)

4) She asks me for additional info, included the motor s/n

5) When she had told me she would send it (and already has the shipping paid), she says it's out of warranty (and I bought it two months ago...) and I have to pay $76 for the board plus the $24 I already paid. Total $100 for a ugly designed board!

6) I tell her I don't want to pay for that amount of money and I want my $24 back. Still waiting for it...


To sum up: not more Gotway unicycles for me, they lied to me and didn't offer me a solution.

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Yo tube un problema similar con otro msuper de Amazon. El muy llego con la placa quemada. Solicite la devolución. Habla con servicio atención al cliente de Amazon y solicita una devolución. El problema es no hacerlo de inmediato. 

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If you paid through Paypal, send the chat log to them and ask for reversal. Paypal will do it. 

For the faulty device purchased through Amazon, file a complaint to Amazon, their CS can help you. 

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