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I like that You can adjust the colours of the light of the Mini plus in the app, but it is missing important (country specific) "safety" features in my opinion.

I would like to be able to set the colours as below, or even better user adjustable colour, but those "specific options" should be there:
Rear lights:
- "red mild glow" when riding straight forward (like a rear light)
- "red strong light" when braking (like a cars brake light)
- "White strong light" when reversing (like a car reverse light) instead of red like today.
- Flashing orange on "one side" whre You are turning (instead of flashing yellowish like today) and the other side according to above.
   Example; if reversing and turning left (going backward) at the same time. Left light = flashing orange & Right light = solid white.

Wheel lights:
- "Orange glow" (like a bike wheel reflexes) or "off" (like a car) when riding straight
- Flashing orange when turning
(Though it seems like wheel lights are fixed to blue - i have not found  a way to change it at least, so "off" is probably the better option)


Full example: Going forward turning right would show:
- Right wheel and right rear light flashing orange
- Left wheel light off (or solid orange) and left rear light "mild red glow"

This would make lights follow the "rules for a bike" here in Sweden and the turn indicators of a car.
The Ninebot mini Plus is classed like a bicycle here (since its not faster than 20km/h).

It would be super neat to have signal indicators that gave me a safer ride and less risk for comments from the Pohlice :)
(I dont care about "flashy, pulsy, wawy stuff" (Im to old i guess))

Anyway Xiaomi seems to be "all about safety" (to ridiculous level) when You consider the high speed LOUD ANNOYING warning beep + tilt back like crazy :D 
It should be possible to turn the sound off or I will cut the wires to the speaker LOL

Did I miss soemthing in the app - i have played around with light but not found a way to do above


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