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Are people still riding e-wheels in London?

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I'm moving to London from New Zealand. I've had two Gotway M-Supers which I love.
My questions are in regards to UK law stating that electric scooters are illegal on footpaths and roads.
Are the Police actively policing this law (are people actually being fined) or are people actively still riding about and just taking the risk that they may get a fine?
Are people still riding e-wheels in London or has the law killed them all off?
How about cycle ways and parks? Are people more or less stung on these?
It would be great to get some context as I'm trying to consider if I should ship my e-wheel there or am I just wasting my money?
It's been a few years now so I'm not sure if the hype has died down about it and the police and politicians have moved on to more important issues.

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It is best not to ask the same question twice in two different places as it just results in confusing responses I would refer you to:

and also: 


I will now lock this thread as I would recommend continuing this discussion in the first link above.

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