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Gotway Tesla - new sound after riding


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Hello everybody,

I was riding my Tesla for 2000 km right now, but when i arrived home today, i noticed a new  sound in my unicycle, i never listen before.

The sound comes back each 10 seconds aprox. and keep for about 3 seconds, and then stop. 

After 10 seconds the sound come back again.


This sound only happens after using the unicycle. The sound does not happen if the unicycle is cold.

I attached a mp3 file with the new sound.

I hope you can help me to repair this, i think the fan could be dirty or something.

Thank you so much!


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I don't have a Tesla, or a wheel with a fan, but that does sound like a fan rubbing on something.  Maybe you should open it and see if the fan is hitting anything.

Probably you should also post this in the Gotway section of the forum.  @Marty Backe or @Shad0z  might know the way the fan is supposed to sound.

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You've been riding the Tesla a lot :thumbup:

I'm sure that's the fan because there are no other mechanical devices within the wheel.

It's pretty easy to open the side panel and confirm that the problem is related to a fan.

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