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Rethinking riding fast(er)

Bob Eisenman

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I'm from the Ninebot One E+ riding experience which means about 12 mph max without pushing it.

Transitioning to the Monster I found that 24 kph was a good fit. The foot sensation of the road, the balance used by the rider and the contemplation of the road ahead were similar. 

Turning up the tiltback to the next notch @27 kkph works well for long uninterrupted roadways where 27 kph was easily reached and maintained. However the mindset changed from less of a foot feel for the road and more of a look forward and down the road for obstacles (ruts and bumps) to avoid. The riding experience for me was shifting more to a stable foot input with more intense visual scanning forward.

My recent short radius turn debacle (Monster dancing in a botched short radius turn) with the Monster reminds me that I was less focused on feeling the turn of the Monster with my rider body-feet and more on seeing a changing path direction with the assumption that it would all coordinate in execution of the turn.

I've turned back my tiltback to 24 kph until I get my wits back in the slow turns with simultaneous bumps.

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