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kingsong ks-18s not shutting down when dropped


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never make fun of gotways not shutting down when dropped. just came back from pasture practice and on my first crash, which was a gentle lay down, i ran off beautifully, but mr ks-18s was laying perfectly on its side spinning away and then like three “please decelerate” and finally it shut down. it shutting down when dorked was my favorite feature. 

so stood it back up, rode some more and had a spetacular crash. i hit the dirt and the wheel tumble sideways a couple of rolls and shut down like it’s suppose to. just to make sure, i had to crash again, and it shut down again like it’s suppose to. 

i posted this in a new topic because i didn’t think kingsong wheels would spin up when dumped. i know better now and i consider that dangerous. if this is nothing new, i did not know this. hopefully, for ranch reasons also, we’ll get a good rainy day and i’m gonna tear into this thing and figure out what’s going on.

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