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Snow and salt


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2 hours ago, Vence said:

Any tips on dealing with snow and salt? I have an inmotion v8 and rode it through the snow in the city . Now I am worried it might rust but I can't access most of the mechanism to clean it and don't want to submerge it. 


Snow is, if anything, less of a problem than water as it is less likely to find its way into the works, it is also likely to be purer (I.e. with less dissolved salts etc, than puddles of rainwater.)

However, salty slush is another matter, it is particularly nasty with aluminium / magnesium alloys. For example, when I was flying, one of our club’s Cessna 152’s ditched in the sea, it was a text book landing and virtually no damage occurred. However the plane was written off. Our chief engineer explained repair was too expensive, the only way of safely bringing it back into service would be to drill out every single rivet as the salt would otherwise stay trapped between panels and the plane would rapidly become unsafe to fly.

Really the only way of dealing with salt is going to be to thoroughly wash it off and dry it ASAP, ensuring you don’t soak any of the electrics or resign yourself to it corroding within a year or two or stay out of salted areas.

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