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Mounting the V3Pro --- Jump on!


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One thing I've really enjoyed about the dual-wheel V3Pro is that the additional stability makes it trivial to use when going somewhere with one or more people who are walking.  I can easily ride at their speed, whereas while that's possible with a single-wheeled EUC, it's definitely not as easy, especially when the group mills around, stops, whatever.

But another benefit I discovered about having a dual-wheel EUC is that I have a different ---and better --- mounting option.  Dual wheels means that the unit stands up by itself, perhaps with an inclination to roll slowly forward or back.  So instead of putting one foot on a pedal and then hopping up to put the other foot up, I simply *jump* and land with both feet on the pedals, and off I go.  It's a lot of fun, kind of cool looking I think (FWIW), and I've seen no negative impacts on the EUC from doing so quite a bit in recent weeks.  Who wants to put on their trousers one leg at a time when there's a better alternative?  :-)

Potential big caveat: I weigh around 160 pounds.  If my weight were somewhat closer to whatever the suggested weight limit is for the unit (whatever that is), I don't know if there might be some negative to the *dynamic* force of some higher weight load impacting the pedals and thence being transferred through the unit to the tires.  It IS a *dual* wheeled unit, so maybe it would be okay at substantially higher weights --- I just don't know. 

For me, though, this is the easiest and most fun way to mount.  And to dismount for that matter, just hop off with both feet and if the EUC is rolling very fast as a result, reach down and grab it --- I find that I can angle the force of hopping off the pedals, however, such that the unit generally doesn't end up rolling very fast at all when on reasonably flat ground.

Bottom line, if you have a dual-wheel EUC, give this a try.  With just a little practice at "accurate hopping" I found it quick and easy to learn.

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