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ACM back and forth play.

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Noticed tonight that my ACM (new to me as of today ) has slight back and forth “play” when standing still. Could this be loose axel nuts ? The wheel has flywheel keys installed to keep them from loosening. So not sure what’s going on . 84FED830-003D-4303-91DC-1248B9BCF174.thumb.jpeg.6703bbc41967d698ccb9ebbdbd8f1cea.jpeg0D00B034-86DE-461B-AFC1-878EAB82F8E4.thumb.jpeg.7c93006c5ccd4839b8136d08c2bfc996.jpegFB85DA28-106A-455F-A3CF-1877361ABD3A.thumb.jpeg.aeba09cfd85fb546789fb605c436bb86.jpeg

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I feel a slight "play" (if that is even the right thing to call it) in mine too and I had axle nuts confirmed ok so could that be the characteristics in the hub motor itself, the way it function and a slight play between magnets or related to hall sensors reading position even?

I don't know just speculating someone with real experience of these must answer I suppose I am just wildly speculating, besides we are all different too and what some consider a very slight play others may see as a lot but generally to me it is nothing that really disturb me but yeah it would be nice to have extreme precision and smoothness.  :D

Hope it is not axle related, mechanical.

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