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Haifa, Israel - get in touch

( _ ) Alexey

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There are at least three Inmotion V8 riders in Haifa area, including myself.
I ride daily to work and for fun on weekends. Get in touch - let's ride together. 
Aside from being a pure fun - I hope proper exposure will help EUCs become discussed and finally properly regulated and distributed in Israel.

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On 11/20/2018 at 8:34 PM, Raphax said:

Hi! Glad to hear about V8 riders in Israel. Is there a way you could recommend to purchase an EUC in Israel? I understanding shipping or flying in with a wheel is a non-starter.

Hi Raphax did you find a way ?

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Replying to old posts - to my best knowledge - importing EUCs is still problematic due to archaic Ministry of Transport regulations.
I would happily go the official route but currently only creative import solutions work.

I'm happily riding V10F, V8 serves my brothers, while his gf inherited the V5. The struggle is real :) 

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Hey guys!

Is anyone aware of how I could bring my e-wheel along with me from Russia to Israel?

I'm currently in Russia (Moscow), but... planning to move to Israel soon this year.

In Israel, as far as I've read, it's kinda illegal, isn't it? I hear the customs are super strict about the safety! so, I assume, not by plane, anyway.

Any info would be appreciated! thanks!

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