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InMotion V8 mods anyone?


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I've been looking for ideas of how to improve my V8, but not being super-creative, i'm looking to see what people have already done to get an idea of how it might look and not have to spend too much time/money buying things/adapters/etc. 

The mods I'd personally be interested in seeing (in no particular order) how they were done specifically on a V8 are:

  1. Flashlight
    If possible, one that's removable and won't luck ugly when not attached (for example, during day rides). Perhaps something that uses a GoPro clip or something
  2. Rear brake light
    I'd be particularly interested in  the kind that has sensors that constantly flash but only activate the light when they sense a decrease in speed. The closest thing I've seen is https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0793SBNRR/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=AXARW2PGUJAUJ&psc=1 but there's not much info online about how the back of the device works to see if it can be attached without too much trouble.
  3. Portable stand
    I would like to have something that can be attached to the V8 that can serve as a stand when doing short stops (ie. coffee shop, restaurant, etc.).
    I've seen the 3D-printed Stand Enlarger but I can't find any reviews of how well it works (and since I don't own a 3D printer, before going through the trouble of finding a way to test it myself, I thought I'd ask around)
    I've also seen this video of a heavily modded EUC where the stand is part of the decoration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=125&v=mRklDr4SFfw (I don't really expect anything as solid as this, but it's still a good example).
    There's also @Simon Tay's parking stand but I'd prefer something more low-key, perhaps something more like this other less stable but more conspicuous stand
  4. Other safety mods
    Something that would perhaps increase visibility while riding at night -- I'm not a big fan of the flashy colorful LED lights, so I'd feel inclined to keep them turned off as long as there are other ways of making myself visible without attracting too much attention.
    For example: black tape that shines white reflecting light, either in the body of the EUC or as a strip on the tire wheel?

Other mods are also welcome!


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Number 4 is also semi answered in that thread. The official V8 cover blocks the LEDs but is covered in highly reflective piping. Sure it is a passive solution requiring a vehicle to light you up but it shines very well. Solowheel now sell a more stylish black cover which I think also has the piping that could work.

Otherwise create your own LED lighting sequence. I am not a fan of the side LEDs so I've made a lighting pattern for mine that only uses the outer ring. White on the forward half and red in the rear half to maintain driver expectations. If you want to add some animation to it I have a single LED that rotates this outer LED ring as I move. It is blue as it passes through the white section and amber as it passes through the red. The V8 lighting can be utilized in non visually offending ways with your own creations. 

Mounting a high powered lamp low on the wheel is awesome for night riding. The low angle on the road creates pools of inky black in all the depressions in the road. I get the smoothest ride at dusk when there is enough ambient light to see larger objects in my path but it is dark enough for all the potholes to be clearly highlighted. I really recommend the Light & Motion Urban range that I have mounted on mine. Very bright. My only complaint is that for such a bright light it really needs a reflector that cuts the beam off at higher angles. I can't use it on max  setting when riding towards vehicles.  

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On ‎09‎.‎02‎.‎2018 at 12:43 AM, cyberal said:
  1. Flashlight
    If possible, one that's removable and won't luck ugly when not attached (for example, during day rides). Perhaps something that uses a GoPro clip or something


Gopro mount/adapter is a good idea:





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As a fresh owner of the Inmotion V8 I am looking high and low for all the interesting things around my new EUC :) And since the weather does not allow me to ride it just yet, I am in constant search of exellence.

So now I've done some waterproofing inside the EUC by using some thick foamstrip, around the controller box where the cables goes out (both motor and LED-strips cables) etc.


Seems that my V8 is one of the latest revisions as the battery compartment already have the gaffa/duct tape applied and LED strips are black coloured (and not white like in earlier batches). The tire is a 16x1,95 Kenda - so no scratching/scraping problems. Date of production is 20 sept. 2017 BTW



I have applied a little more duct tape so that the whole battery compartment seams are covered:



And even though I don't have any problems with the hard buldging upper parts of the V8 body, I've slapped some adhesive perforated leather patches onto them so that I can lay it down on its sides or lean against the walls without scratching it up badly.

Nothing special or too advanced though so the time will tell how it'll hold up:



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I didn't see this earlier,   posted these mods on mine,  haven't had much chance to test the new footpads as the weather's been wintery and wet here.


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