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Inmotion V5


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Hello, I don't carre about maximum speed, after 15 to 20kmh it is more dangerous for me, last week I felt down, i was injuried so prefer to stay beside 15kmh ( now I have seen the max speed increased to 20km/h in the app), but I am very interrested in battery capacity.

I have a V5, (I wanted a V5+ but make a mistake). So I just modify the V5 battery and added 10 battery 18650 inside the current pack. It was very difficultn because I have to remove one side on the pack and have to use mini drill to remove the tabs, anyway, I was able also to remove the PCM/PCB to add the 10 new battery, at the end of my DIY, the pack with the 20 battery seems working. ( it was very difficult and I don't recommand to do this).

Today I tested the distance of the new battery pack, what it was able to do, and I do only 10km with 75% of capacity; after this I charged the V5 and after 2h, the battery pack is stopped  at 70% ( there is 3 bars and the external charger LED green ( full charge and don't charge).

Don't understand what append. If somebody know if I have to buy a new PCM or change data inside the boad, let me know , because I have no idea yet. I am electronicien and can understand some things.

Thank for external skills

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1 hour ago, Jean-Yves Touzac said:

So I just modify the V5 battery and added 10 battery 18650 inside the current pack.

I don't know the V5 as well as the 74V V5F+ but I would be damn surprised if it is only a 37V power pack which is what it would absolutely have to be if you added another 10 cells to it. Surely it is either a 16 cell (60V) wheel or an 74V 20 cell wheel. Either way if you have added another 10 cells you have completely screwed up your battery, probably by doubling the capacity of half of it and completely messing up cell balancing.

My personal guess is that it is a 20 cell wheel made up of what looks like two 10 cell packs in series and you have failed to recognise this (it should be pretty obvious as should the total pack voltage) so you have added 10 cells in parallel with one of those packs. That would mean that not only will range be exactly the same, but when you try to charge it again half the pack will hit overcharge voltages once fully full whilst the other half will still be charging. The BMS will cut the charging current to protect those cells.

Once you have undone the damage you have done, you will need to carefully rebalance all of those cells.

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On 8/20/2015 at 0:19 PM, dmethvin said:

my 14-inch wheel I can't ride comfortably at faster than 14kph because of the extreme tilt.

This is my biggest complaint with the TG T3 and F3. They are nice wheels considering the low cost, but they have VERY ANNOYING tiltback.

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