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Replacement batteries


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On 1/15/2018 at 7:52 AM, Mushion said:

Hi Thanks for the info 

Mine is a gr16 (earlier model than the gt16)

I also have a couple of GR16-25R and need new battery packs for both (they must be filled with Lead since I let them drain down and they stopped working). However, I am in the U.S. What is a good website to find replacement parts for my Rockwheels? [Can I trade a slightly used 'trump' for a couple of high-quality replacement battery packs?]    

Also, anything I need to know when choosing new/better batteries, or what not to do when replacing batteries on the older model? 

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Since you say "replacement batteries" I you still have the old, right?

Fun project maybe, if can get your hands on a very good deal you could reuse the BMS and just swap out the cells?

Just an idea but worth checking up before 1Rad work his magic, just speculating and admit so is the case cause I have 0 clue how much it would be from him atm buying refurb batteries, new batteries whatever he sell? Convenient though I get that, but not as fun as going to NKON and getting a cheap reliable cell and DIY for very cheap?

Panasonic's PF atm go for €2.75 is getting 30 of them, ignore the "must have MJ1 or die" crowd if value/$ is priority, the PF still is a 2900 cell, if 3500 or thereabout is important you must go up slightly in price but maybe the wheels have got few cells to begin with, no 0 about the specific model so?

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