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Slime should be mandatory - mten3 flat


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So my mten3 inner tube got a puncture last week on the way into work.  I was able to ride to work but it went completely flat by the afternoon (which is when I realized I got a flat).  I filled the tube back up with a hand pump, god help me that took like 300 pumps to get it filled, I will get a foot pump next time.  I could barely hear a very muffled hiss and it took over 30 minutes to deflate.  This made me think that the hole was a pin price and not a gash.  I tried to lever the mten3 tire off but broke 2 of the 3 plastic tire levers.  I was hoping I could just do a rubber cement round patch, but the tire was not cooperating in this cold weather.  I bit the bullet and bought 16oz of dirtbike innertube Slime.  They were not kidding that it was a mess to use.  I overshot the fill a bit and I think used 6/7oz instead of the recommended 4oz.  It sealed the tube up immediately, no more hiss sound.  I filled the tube back up to 45psi and it has been holding steady for 2 days. 

The Onewheel guys put slime into their tires from the factory and it's given that product a greater amount of tire reliability.  The mten3 tire is ridiculously thin, I can't imagine how that innertube won't inevitably pop.  Slime should help, or add an hard innertube protector against thorns, or convert to tubeless and use slime again.  A small bottle of innertube slime (get the innertube one if you have an innertube, it is thinner and meant for a different pressure) is around $4 on Amazon, get one because you will need it eventually. 

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