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I don't know (and I doubt I will ever know from personal experience).  But the air drag at 35mph (near full speed) is more than twice the drag at 24 mph.  And at these speeds overcoming air drag it the major power loss.  So likely the range at 35mph is around half the range at 20 or 22 mph.  Range is always impacted by rider wight, slope and wind. At Tesla's high "near full" speed range may also be significantly impacted by body shape & riding posture.

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My seat of the pants estimation is that speeds above 18 mph the energy consumption is considerable, and above 22 mph the consumption goes to "huge". However, going below say 8 mph the energy use per mile becomes considerable as your wheel uses a lot of energy keeping you upright instead of driving you forward.

In my opinion somewhere between 10-20 mph EUCs are at their most efficient, and a constant average speed above 24 mph hour drains a wheel quite quickly, and if you hot dog it from stops then we're talking very short ranges indeed.

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