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To commute I need advice.


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Hi everyone!

I'm thinking to buy a big one to commute, 16 or 18. The Gotway Monster is too expensive for me.

I have two candidates but I'm open to receive advices. The Gotway Tesla and the King Song KS18S.

I'm worried about the reliable and resistant that is everyone as I want to use it to go to work every day. I don't have interest in recreational use.

I want to go faster than bicycles and I don't want to spend much more than $1,500.00

Thanks in advance,

Jose from Chile

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How about a 16S?

For (daily) commuting, I recommend safety/build quality over speed, aka Kingsong over Gotway.

But maybe the Tesla will be much cheaper than a 16S or 18S for your location, because you can just order from Aliexpress easily while Kingsongs may be complicated or more expensive to get (I really recommend asking the KS factory directly if they can just ship you a wheel to Chile). So it may come down to price on what is best for you.

Usually, 16 inches is a common choice for a first allrounder wheel, but if you commute (= stability and comfort are important) then 18 inches might be a better choice. The 18S must be a fantastic commuter wheel - fast, safe, comfortable.

Trust your instincts, that often works very well on what wheel to choose for you.

Here's a recent video review of the 18S:


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Santiago is a big city and I need to visit clients everywhere. One of the most important problems is to find a place to park a car or motorcycle, this why I want a ECU. Sometimes I need to travel 35 km (22 miles) then I want a comfortable, stable and fast ECU. I'm 1.92 m (6'3")

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I think you need something from the Gotway range. Fast, stable, big battery.  Minimum 16" probably 18" (as you stated) for extra stability and less drama over bumps. As others have said.  Once a Gotway has gone 100 or more miles, it's probably not a bad one.  Buying a used, but documented reliable one from a known source, such as a regular contributor to this form, could be a good start.  That ACM BY @Mrd777 sounds good, if only you could arrange ground shipping for it.  

Think about a trolley handle, especially on these heavy, long distance wheels.  A good trolley handle makes life so much easier.

your suggested short list:

1.Tesla as you stated.

2. ACM, OR ACM 2 with Testa running gear. Need add on trolley.

3. MSuper V3+ (or high power V3.  Poorly reviewed trolley

4. KS18(X) needs add on trolley.

looking at this list, considering the reviews here, and factoring in you price point, it looks like the Tesla is the obvious choice, unless you get a great deal on one of the others, new, or nearly new.


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