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More law.

Ken Bland

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In the articles on the EUC rider in London who got fined because he had no insurance and was found to be wrong riding on the pavement and the road. I believe the judge also said that EUC riders can only ride on private land with the owners permission. Phew. What do we do now?
As for the law requiring us to have insurance, where can you get that?. I will have a lot of trouble because of my age, 81. I think we should ride as we are at the moment perhaps we will be ok and cops wont know what to do. Trouble is , that press release has burst the bubble and people are aware that EUC riders should be insured and riding only on private land. Here in England at least.

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Well Im going to carry on as normal...and write to my useless idiot of an MP after the New Year. Its ludicrous that this government can be pro green issues and yet criminalise the best first and last mile form of transport. 

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9 hours ago, WARPed1701D said:

What kind of wheel is that? A knockoff? 

Best described as a generic. 

This is what concerned me:

"the death of 15-year-old Nawaf Al-Tuwayan last week after he fell off a hoverboard and was hit by a bus."  an official hoverboard death. Coming off matters. Where you come off matters. How you come off matters. How fast you are going when you come off matters. 

My ( our) condolences to Nawaf's parents and family.

here's one link to that report. Or just Google his name.



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