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It seems like these image hosting services get flakier and flakier as time goes on.  I used to use imagesafe, but apparently they weren't that safe.  Others are a pain to use while yet others (Pixady) seem to try to load up javascript coin miners.  :rolleyes:  Not a problem on the iPhone but annoying nonetheless.  Here's one uploading service that seems easy to use and uploads to Imgur with little fuss and provides the direct link to copy.  Feel free to list up other ones...


Edit - no worky no any more. 

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Image hosting online is getting a bit inconvenient, but here's one other tip. 

On Android, if you go to www.imgur.com you can select from the Chrome browser settings request desktop site.  After that click the green new post button on the website, and upload your image.  Once that is done, long press the image and choose open image in new tab.  It has to be open image, or else it won't work properly.  In the new tab you can now copy the image link and paste it into your post.  Make sure the link has the image extension on it. 

Unfortunately Imgur doesn't give you the direct image link.  If anyone has a better method, post it up! 

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I use(d) https://imgoat.com/ because it is a super simple, no account needed, no frills and distractions, one click, metadata scrubbing, upload and forget option. So if that's what you want instead of some account, album, social media style image host, works great for me. Nowadays you actually can make an account, but that's purely optional.

As it was down the last week a lot, I tried https://kek.gg/ which was chosen for the same reason. As fast and easy image upload as possible and giving you a direct link (instead of these stupid imgur album embeds and crap other hosts pull).

On 5/7/2018 at 1:03 AM, Hunka Hunka Burning Love said:

Unfortunately Imgur doesn't give you the direct image link.

That's a reason to use a better host:efee8319ab:

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