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The anticipation of a new wheel.


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I'm on a strict "no more wheels" diet, but I've been slightly tempted by the S1, too.  I ask myself how much better my V8 really is compared to a S1.  Would grab the S1 and try to sell the V8 over the course of the next few months and then wait for a new city wheel to be released.  Don't think I'll do it, but it's tempting because I don't care about speed in city wheel unlike most. 

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5 hours ago, LanghamP said:

I wouldn't think I'd be so excited to get a new wheel, as this is my fifth wheel and the lowest spec wheel, a Segway S1, but no I'm terribly excited. I want to run my hands over my new wheel in a way that would make pedo Kevin Spacey blush. 

How about you guys? Does getting a new wheel ever get old? 

i’m curious to hear ur mpressions when u get it.

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3 hours ago, Hunka Hunka Burning Love said:

Remind me to Purell any wheel that I might buy from you in the Private Sales section of this forum.  :blink:

Ahh... There's nothing like the smell of a freshly Purell'd unicycle first thing in the morning! 

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I think for most people three wheels is appropriate although I now have five. 

A big wheel, a small wheel, and a cheaper small but good trick wheel. Really, before Ninebot dropped their prices there weren't any good cheap wheels.

So a big wheel like an MSuper, a smaller one like the KS14s, and the kick around wheel like the Segway S1. If you were limited by money, then definitely the KS14 as you can always spend more time getting somewhere but you cannot easily increase your strength. 

Interestingly I find my KS16s to be a bit too compromising; too big yet too slow, or fast enough but lacking the range and comfort. It's a most magnificent wheel, my best wheel, the one I never reach for when I can go big or go small. 

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