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Where to buy - Living in Switzerland


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Hello guys,


I'm thinking on buying a 9b-e euc and was wondering where to buy it from.

On ebay there are several going for ~USD950 and in a store here in switzerland it's going for CHF1100 (~USD1200).

Is it safe to order from Ebay?



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Ebay or Amazon are not safe per se, although there are tons of legit resellers on both platforms. But since everyone and his mother can create an account and become a reseller on those platforms, only bad customer reviews will uncover scammers. But then its often too late for those customers that already paid but never received a shipment.

There are several resellers in here, like mengke, that offer good prices and expose themselves publicly on this forum to build up trust and to actively cater the EUC scene with tips and news. 

I got mine from stay-mobile, one of the official Ninebot resellers for switzerland listed from this site: http://www.ninebot.com/ninebot/ExperienceStore/ninebotone/index.html but I paid full price for it. I use it for commuting to work so I wanted a reseller close to me with full guarantee and fast replacements if anything goes wrong, so I was OK with the surcharge. 


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