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Good morning everyone, special thanks to everyone here on the forums..especially @Marty Backe @litewave and @steve454 who have tirelessly answered all my questions and have provided information sometimes redundantly!.

So, must say so far charged, foam protected, havent pumped in any air in the tire however....I have squeezed the tire with my thumbs and there is almost no give..not sure if I should check the PSI but i think on that front all is well.

I just got back from about 15minutes in my parking garage, one of the first things I did after turning it on was running back upstairs and putting on my wrist guards and my helmet.  Yes, even not going on anywhere I put my helmet on, I had this intuition from practicing other sports that I can really really hurt myself in the formative stages if not careful.


So far I must say this is SOOO fun, takes me back to my childhood trying to learn new motor skills for a sport.  I can tell I'll probably get addicted to EUCs.  

I started off by holding on to the top of this railing in my garage


Its about a 10ft stretch, I started off by just trying to mount the thing.  I must say I favor my right side heavily, so what ive done is tipped the wheel on its side to its ride...Sorta "clamp" my foot and ankle close to the body of the EUC and try to roll it forward, meanwhile holding onto the railing and sorta "jump on".

After trying this for a few times or so I was pretty succesful after about only 15minutes.  I continued this and sort of moving forward and backward alongst this fence while holding on to the top rail.


Some things ive noticed and need advice on, is there a good method to "ditch" the EUC? Ive favored just dumping the EUC on it's side to the right while I try to jump off..sorta pedal scrape the right pedal close to the ground then step off.  Any advice on how to properly get off once you sense you're losing your balance?


Ive padded up my EUC but see some battle scars already LOL so far chipped the blue off the handle holder (front of the handle) and some good pedal scrapes, I am hoping the pedals are easily replace or upgradable.

Another thing ive noticed is the APP I have shows a "sensitivity" adjustment, currently I have it on 4 the app shows the lower the # the more sensitive, any ideas on what # is good for training?

I figure I will be hanging onto a fence and doing this for several days, maybe several times a day.

My next training session will be doing what I did today and hopefully hobbling along another fenced wall which spans about 12ft!

Any and all advice as always is appreciated.


Thank you guys!



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The best "fall" is one you literally walk away from... If you can stay upright and walk/run off your momentum, then you're doing it right (keep your knees bent slightly - it will help both with riding and bailing). 

Also, wrap the leftover padding all around you. It won't help at all, but it will make the videos funnier! :D

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