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My First Day with my new KS 16S - DISASTER!!!!


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Thanks, as i was writing this my right shin is swollen like a softball, im just looking at it and laughing, im trying to research some shin guards but like i said before, i hope these things are made really solid, because this thing is in for a beating until i get good lol.

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When i was learning i tought about putting protective padding on mine, but since there was not any lying around i decided just to go out and start training, i ultimately used a belt around the handle to "catch" the wheel when i came of, this saved me from most the shin damage and nasty cuts on the wheel.

Im sorry to see these pics, it is a shame this is not more than a dew days old wheel, the only little comforting thing i can tell you the more you ride the wheel the less these scars will bother you, when you pass the 1k km line you will be so proud, and the look of your wheel if still working will tell the story, and you will say, what a great machine!

Mine looks now like a wreck, but becouse its black i think you cannot easily see the damage (from 3rd person view) so i dont think about it anymore.


My advice would be to either pad it up, or buy new outer cover, or use the belt (but carefully the belt might distract your learning) but wathever you do, Dont stop riding!
You will not regret it!

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1 minute ago, tommybayshore said:

Thanks for the info, where would i buy a outer cover?

just to be sure you dont understand wrong, i mean the two plastic side covers you have already scratched, they basically cover the batteries.
I Have seen some sell them in europe, and you can probably get them fairly easily in the US

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14 minutes ago, tommybayshore said:

How about we start with something that sums my first experience up:  DISASTER!

This is the first wheel i have ever ridden and unfortunatly i bought a fairly expensive one not thinking that i could not possibly cause too much damage to the device!  It is what it is and i can't return it so im stuck with it!

Maybe i tried to hard too fast?  I had no rails or fence to hold onto, just my truck sides and a big parking lot.  I would let go of the sides of my truck, go about 5-15 feet max and have to jump off, which at the same time the wheel would get my chins in its sites and go full throttle till it hit me extremely hard, to the point of black and blue and bleeding everywhere when i finally gave up after 25 minutes.

Am i expecting too much too soon?  Do most folks fall all over the place when they first start?  I had a helmet, elbow pads and wrist guards on but no shin protection, i will buy shin guards and use them from now on.

Oh i forgot to mention my wheel looks like it's 5 years old and i only used it for 25 minutes.  Have a look at the pics, at this point i'm very frustrated and ready to drop the thing in my garbage bin.  I have a Ninebot mini (which i know is totally different) and was able to ride that fine and saw so many videos of people having fun on a wheel i decided to review all the wheels and the 16S is what i picked because of the range and battery and stability (or so they say).

My weight is 260 lbs but im not fat, i'm about 6"1 and solid build but i'm wondering if a heavier weight makes it harder vs someone that is much lighter?

Attached are some pics, and also my KS16 sounds like a bolt is rattling around inside!  GRRRRRR

Any words of advice/encouragement would be appreciated.  I can't buy a cheap one and practice on it either, my wife is ready to file divorce papers because i bought this one so another one is completely out of the question.





Dont worry too much, cheats happens... My KS 18S is all scratches. lolololol...

You will learn to ride and enjoy your wheel


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Sorry, i had to smile when reading your post.

At least you have a lot of selfconfidence, to think you just jump on and then it works ;-)

Sorry the mini pro will not help you anything, as on this device you dont balance at all, while on a EUC you do nearly all balance yourself.

But dont let go...there will come the time when it makes click and you can go for more then 5 meters/15feet

But please exspect this to happen perhaps onlöy after about 4-8 sessions of 30 minutes, not before!

And even after the click you need about 2-4 weeks to look "that cool" as it does with the experienced riders.


The most important is-never give up-others can do it-you can to!

(and protect your Ks16 better, haha)

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YES! DOn't give up!

I even started for 2 months on a easier to ride and slower EUC  (Inmotion V3Pro), but you are OK with starting the KS16S. Don't worry about the cosmetics! AND STICK WITH IT. It won't be long till you are riding like a pro...or at least a good looking beginner! :)

The scratches in your pics can be easily touched up/covered with cool stickers. You WILL drop it , but what's more of a concern is you getting hurt. 

1) Take care  (safety gear and safe driving)

2) Watch / Read all the information you can

3) Have Fun!

As for the grinding sound...is something lodged in the wheel? Turn it off and put it sideways, look on both sides of the wheel. I once got a piece of wood caught in there and it sounded really bad. Took a good whack to dislodge it. Maybe check on the warranty if it keeps up? 

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Also, I would buy a learner wheel. You'll always need two wheels. Not want; need, because you can stick one in your car or somewhere. 

The Segway 14 incher is $300 on Amazon right now. 

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