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Wheel noise and grinding feeling in wheel

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Hello everyone. I am a new owner of a a Segway Minipro. I just took ownership of the unit last night and had some difficulty getting it up and running. I'll summarize the issues I ran into.


  1. Unit would not power up at all. Plugged the charger in and the Minipro would beep and flash the display every other second. The charger led would switch between red and green. I've read where others were experiencing similar issues with the unit arriving dead as well. There were suggestions to remove the battery and charge it separately due to the battery going into a deep sleep. I ended up leaving the charger plugged into the Minipro for about 10 minuets and the battery display started to show it was charging and the charger led switched to red.
  2. the tires were completely flat. I had to pump them up to the recommended 45-50psi.
  3. Once the Minipro finished charging, I turned it on and loaded up the app. It prompted me to update the firmware and I proceeded on. The issue I ran into was that the app and the Minipro would constantly lose connection, especially when trying to update the firmware. I've read reports that other users were having the same issue. I didn't have another phone at the time and on a whim I went and turned off all other Bluetooth devices connected to my phone. Once I did that and only had the Minipro connected, I was able to update the firmware.
  4. After going through the tutorial, I started to ride the unit to get a feel for it. Several times, the unit would beep while riding and stop balancing. This caused me to step off of the unit abruptly trying not to fall down. The odd thing is about an hour and a half powered off and trying again, I have not encountered this issue again.

The last remaining issue I am having is the one wheel would making a light squeaking sound as you moved. I thoroughly looked at the wheels to make sure no rubbing was happening. To sounds like it's coming from inside the wheel motor. This leads to another issue, when riding the unit, it doesn't feel as smooth as I would have imagined. It feels like there is a grinding action happening in the wheel that relates to a bad bearing. Is this normal? Is the unit supposed to feel nice and smooth. I've had a few others ride it and they have come to the same conclusion as me about it not feeling smooth and something isn't right. Before I request for a replacement, I would like to confirm with others if this is not normal.


- Garrett

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No this sounds from wheel and edgy feeling is not normal, you should go for replacement for sure

And when you get your new unit, check firmware and maybe you really should not update since firmware1.1.7 was waaaaaay better than any other latter firmwares, better in terms of speed and freedom of ride (no stupid restrictions and uncomfortable "safety"  tilt-backs)

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