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Southern California - Aliso Creek Bike Trail ride Saturday Dec 9th 2017

Marty Backe

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Join us for one of the last Southern California group rides of 2017. We will be riding the Aliso Creek Bike Trail which is a beautiful trail that leads from the Mountains almost to the Pacific ocean.

We will meet between 8:30am and 9:00am for departure at 9am. Here is the meeting location - a cul-de-sac: https://goo.gl/maps/8T6Zzp66ohG2  You will see that there's plenty of parking in the nearby shopping center or park. Message me if you have questions.

This is a 38+ mile ride on smooth bike trails. Based on my last ride here, expect to spend ~3+ hours riding. Since group rides tend to involve a bit more socializing I would allocate a good 4-hours if you join us for the full ride. However, this ride can be conveniently broken into two parts the first of which is under 22-miles. So if you don't have a long distance wheel or 4-hours to spare, join us for the first half. Or by consensus we can start with the shorter ~16-mile ride if that works better for your particular wheel and/or schedule.

Here is the Google Earth view of the entire ride so that you can preview it if you wish. The Google Earth tour begins very close to where this ride starts. It then takes you to the mountains before returning - this is the short leg of the ride. Then we proceed towards the ocean and finally return to the starting point.

Hope to see you there.

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9 minutes ago, noisycarlos said:

My ACM won't make the whole ride, but I'll be there for the first half.

Yeah, I knew that and thought of you for planning purposes. The first half+ of the ride is doable for you and a very nice ride too.

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Here's a group ride from early December 2017 (I have a video backlog I'm trying to work through ). I was joined by  @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer", @YoshiSkySun, @n2eus@Sketch, @Williepimpin and Sean.


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