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14D uphill severe tiltback


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When low (maybe <25%) battery going uphill, my 14D tiltbacks so bad, maybe 45 degrees, that I can't ride anymore and then it just stays tilted back. I have to power off then on to get the horizontal calibration back to normal. But then I can only ride a few feet before I have to hop off again. I have firmware v1.05, is this normal?

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6 minutes ago, xafofo said:

Yea these are some moderately steep inclines (around 15% grade and higher). This effectively renders the last part of my battery not terribly useful... I guess that's what I get for living up on a hill haha.

Yip, these steep hills are hard work for the battery and you get a high voltdrop, so that the firmware thinks your battery is near 0 and so the tiltback sets in. Perhaps that would be better on a 14S (more batterys paralleled, so less voltdrop), but depending on the hill this might happen on every wheel!

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