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iezway broken

Everett Forth

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I ordered this from alibaba.  It was actually really fun for a few days.


One of the first things I did was remove a really annoying beeping speaker from the PCB.


I crashed it a lot, learning how to ride with friends and now it no longer powers the wheel when I turn it on.


The manufacturer is telling me that I can't remove the speaker because it needs to warn me to turn it off or else the board might burn up.  I ordered another PCB from them to see if I can fix it.




Does anyone have any other recommendations?  Before this one broke, I really liked it.  Without the speaker, it was a nice, quiet ride.

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I also bought a iezway it worked great but now it wont charge;

they send me a new charger but its the same prob,

 when its plugged in and i turn the device on  its work,but not charging

as the device is turn off nothing, so weird.


Any Suggestions

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