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Learning to ride on a Luffy


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Hi all,

Been lurking for a month or two here. Saw some EUC videos on youtube and got intrigued. I wanted to dip my toes before I dropped some serious coin on a Tesla or One Z (looks wicked) so I decided to get a cheap Luffy to learn on. Good thing too because I gave that thing a serious thrashing from day one. I have about 3 hours of ride time spread out across 3 weeks due to a combination of travel and feet/shin pain and injuries from riding. Think I got the basics down except getting on the wheel without holding onto something and going backwards. 

Anyways, I have a few questions for you riders who have both big and small wheels.

I have a lot of difficulties mounting onto the wheel without holding onto something. Like I have to hop on it real quick before it topples over. I've seen videos where people brace it against their leg but I feel the Luffy is way too short to do that. It looks like getting on the wheel is a lot easier on the 14+" wheels than the 10" wheels. Is this true or am I just making excuses as to why I'm so bad getting on this Luffy.  Right now its 50% whether or not I can successfully launch myself without holding onto something. What ends up happening is that right after I hop on the foot I used to launch the wheels ends up awkwardly position and I end up dumping the wheel about 5 feet into my ride. It looks soooo much easier for the big wheels and I'm hoping that is the case.

Transitioning to bigger wheels - I plan on getting a 16", with the Tesla being the main contender. How easy/difficult will this be? I'd like to think I'd have an easier time on the larger wheel but just wanted to confirm. I don't want to be back at square one and end up damaging a $1,500 wheel the way I've been abusing the poor Luffy.

Thanks in advance.

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you are correct, it is more difficult to learn smooth start on a 10" wheel than on a bigger one. However, based on your progress, I'd encourage you to continue on Luffy. Bigger wheels, even though they are more forgiving when learning, have other "issues" for the beginners (weight, for example) to learn to cope with. First of all - wear some calf protection to ease the pain. Learn getting to be comfortable with various one-leg exercises, as, for example, shown in this video. Your goal it to become comfortable with one leg riding for at least 3-5 sec, once you can do this - starting up and adjusting your feet position once your are in motion - won't be a problem. Remember, that you need to develop some muscles for this, not only find the proper balance. Give yourself time and don't despair :)


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