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Disable Blue tooth & add a key


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I have tried a few phones, and all can pair with my SwagtronT6, but swagtron's app doesn't seem to ever see the board, which is frustrating because I want to change the limits to save myself... but mostly I want to protect my board from someone else from messing with the settings. (Since I cannot connect, I can't change the pin)   So my simple idea is to open the board up and disable bluetooth.

Originally, I wanted some sort of remote to enable/disable the board or a swipe card in my shoe, so say I stopped for lunch, the board gets "disable" so no one can just on and ride it, but thinking about it, why add more drain to the board -- add a key to enable the push button to do something (on/off).   Of course, this is easily thwarted by carrying it away and opening the board up; but it would stop dumb kids ina  crime of the moment.

Any thoughts?   Has anyone built a "stand alone" (ie: no cell phone) blue tooth handheld device to handle what the app does?    Seems someone familiar with BT could make an arduino take care of the settings.

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On 11/22/2017 at 11:53 PM, oldhover said:

Has anyone built a "stand alone" (ie: no cell phone) blue tooth handheld device to handle what the app does? 

I don't think so. 

Have you turned on all permissions on your phones, including location?  There have been a lot of people lately having trouble connecting their app to various brands of wheel, until they enable permissions.

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