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Observations on tire pressure.


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You can read the article at eWheels.


I wish that @Jason McNeil would use "its" versus "it's" appropriately, as this very well-written and informative article about tire pressure feels like hitting a cobble stone in the middle of a smoooth Autobahn. I am a grammar Nazy/Bolshevik. 

What I found interesting about this article is that the chart duplicates what I spent some time on figuring out independently, that is, on all my wheels (14,16,18) the tire pressure found on that chart is my final tire pressure plus 2.

However, my tire preference is very simple as I don't take into account bump absorption, puncture resistance, or twitchiness. I simply keep adding or subtracting PSI's until the wheel corners flat, and does not drop into turns nor stand up when given no input.

Yet despite those two diverging criteria(s), @Jason McNeil tire pressures and mine for all my wheels is virtually the same. I have to think because of that, modern tires must be very sophisticated and uniform, much more so than what we usually give them credit for.

Is there anything else on a wheel that can be changed other than tire pressure and stiffness of pedals, that affect handling?

Anyway, hop over to the eWheels website and read that tire article carefully; I think it has great value (despite the its versus it's).

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Oh Yes! Nice page. I missed that one. Thanks for posting.

On My KS16S, I have been putting mine around 38-40psi, and noticing it drops to about 28psi after a week or 2.

I do like the electric , digital display, programmable pump I got from Lowes;


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Interesting article. Thanks for posting it here. I run my V8 at around 45psi and have never let it drop below 40 psi. I see the eWheels chart suggesting 34 to 36 psi for my gross weight and the V8's 16" tire. I figured that pressures that low would risk snakebites but I guess not. I may have to try it as I do feel quite a bit of transmission of shock through the wheel on my commute. The paths and cycleways here are concrete with expansion joints which I feel quite acutely. Many are also lifted/tilted by tree roots making 1" drops and climbs a regular thing. It would be nice to soften the ride a little.

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I run 45 to 50 psi on most all of my wheels. I'm aware of the increased transmission of bumps, cracks and other obstructions but I don't like the slushy feel of the lower tire pressure. I seem to be able to feel a significant difference between 35 ish psi and 45 to 50. I'm willing to trade comfort for control.

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5 minutes ago, Brian Morris said:

going off the chart on v8 at 125lbs 20psi feel pretty good to me, chart looks like it would end up at 25 so I'm not far off

Honestly, I would keep at that pressure if it feels right. I would Slime the tire (I've lost count of the number of snakebites I've gotten on my EUCs) and carry a pump, and also video the EUC while cornering to make sure you're not unduly deforming the sidewall while leaned over. Deformed sidewalls can open up and pinch the innertube or the tire can come off completely.

On my VF5 I did have the tire come off the rim very very easily while turning when I foolishly guessed the tire pressure by pinching the tire. The tire squished right off.

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