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Yuval Alon

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11 minutes ago, Yuval Alon said:
Last week I try to charge him. But it’s dose not charge. Every time I plug the cable charge the green light on the charger disappeared. 
What’s the problem and I do I fix it. 

You are going to have to start, very carefully (because a short circuit can be very dangerous) measuring the voltage of your battery and the voltage coming out of your charger. 

My guess, and purely a guess from the small amount of info you have given us is that it might be the charger that has failed as it should only be capable of showing a red LED (charging ) or green LED (not charging - or at least not passing significant current) so the LED going out doesn’t sound like it is healthy. It is (just) possible the battery could be very low (below 60 V as I understand this is a 20 cell battery of 84 V when fully charged) and is dragging the charger down in some way, but that seems less likely.

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It could also be a problem with one of the cells in the battery. There are 20 batteries in series and the controlling circuit is quite picky internally. If one of the cells is dead, then the whole unit will shut down. If you ever want to check the batteries, be extremely careful as voltages are high and you could burn the circuits too.

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