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Ninebot Mini Pro reverse is counterintuitive

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I just got a Mini Pro and am wondering if anyone else thinks that the reverse steering is opposite of what it should be. Does anyone know a way to switch it?

When going forward, you lean into turns and it turns as you would expect; just like a skateboard. Lean left, go left. But going backwards, leaning the same direction causes it to turn the opposite direction. Lean left, go right. Does mine have an issue or is it designed like that?

Maybe I'm too used to skateboarding, but whatever way you lean to turn the wheels, should be the same in either direction. I keep getting knocked off when I maneuver quickly in reverse and forget to lean opposite of what feels natural.

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I know I'm reanimating an old thread. The last reply reverts to an even older thread.

But still, I understand the concern about pivoting on the spot. Nevertheless, I have been riding the Mini Pro for a few days now and every time I go in reverse and try to turn, the counterintuitive direction it goes is the most dangerous part of riding the Mini Pro. Everything else is easily mastered with some exercise, but going backwards and turning is the best way to get you of your Mini Pro uncontrolled.

For anyone suggesting to just go forward and not driving backwards: 
1/ I you don't need to go backwards, why does it matter to you?
2/ Some do need to go backwards and I'm sure those people would really like the OPTION to reverse the steering direction when going backwards.

In my case, I use the Mini Pro to get very smooth gimbal shots. I would be so nice to drive backwards while someone is following and keeping the camera (on a gimbal) in front of me.
For the moment, this is just to dangerous, only because the steering is counterintuitive.

Now, does anyone has an email address who to contact to ask Ninebot if they please would consider to update the firmware for this?

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I don't have such an address, but the chances of Ninebot doing a firmware update for this after several years must be just about zero.  As far as I am aware, they have stopped doing updates at all long ago, so putting resources into this would not be trivial.  And they'd have to factor in whether the risk of someone setting such an option wrong and having an accident is worthwhile, compared with keeping it the way it has always been, which hasn't been enough of a risk as to cause them (as a company) any sleepless nights. 

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There is not enough warnings on the Internet or instructions about going in reverse I bought one and the 1st day I went in reverse  And leaned that way I thought it works guess the way I thought it should work it throw me off broke my elbow I need surgery and 2 pins not too safe.

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First of all, I agree that the reverse steering is counter-intuitive, and prevents reversing above and even at walking speeds.

However, I haven’t yet seen or figured out a good universal solution to the crucial question: When exactly should the steering switch direction?

If the direction would switch at zero speed, that means one could no longer turn at zero speed, ie. in place. Because the firmware must have a speed input to know whether to reverse the steering input or not. This would seriously impare the overall practicality of the device, since it would then behave like a car being parked in a tight space; forward and right, backwards and left, rinse&repeat. Eww.

If the direction would switch whenever both wheels are going in reverse, there are still numerous situations where the current behaviour would be preferable, more intuitive, and hence safer. For example when backing up just a bit before turning and continuing forward.

Any solution where the firmware would try to guess what the rider wants or is going to do is bound to guess wrong every now and the , which would make the MiniPro turn to opposite direction than it did last time. That would absolutely be the most dangerous ”solution”.

So while it’s easy to condemn the current behaviour as counter-intuitive, there doesn’t seem to be a solution that would be any less so.


Ps. @Fishcine1, very sorry ro hear about your accident! I truly hope you get your hand back working again.

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I think the way it is is probably the best it's like backing up a car but Steering by   Pulling from the front end but when you leaned back I was not that aware of that had I known I probably would not have fell.

 In the instructions it says if you need to turn around just go forward to 180゚ and and go. It does say something about you shouldn't go in reverse And turn I think it should specify with a big warning and why. That's all I am saying I think they are very hard to fall using them forward.

I'm probly too old to be playing with those anyhow 63 If I was young I probly would have bounced right backup. Or elbow pads would have done the trick.

Anyhow thank you for the reply I still like the machines.

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The cue that stopped me from intuitively making a mistake was to think that, the direction you are leaning is controlling where the 'nose' of the Segway is pointing. So if you wanted to reverse back and right, you know that this will cause the front to swing to the left so you should lean left into the kneebar to turn back and right.

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