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EUC on Airplane (logo on battery)

IPS Malta

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Ok, so yesterday I was going around in Shenzhen looking for some nice goodies with my EUC and I encountered this (see attached). I saw before that there's plenty of manufacturers for this. What struck me the most was that it had a 249.6wh battery similar to my i5 and it had a logo of an aeroplane on the battery. The sales person didn't know much English so maybe it's just a miscommunication but he said (to my understanding) it can be carried on an aeroplane. Correct me if I am wrong, I think most airlines do not allow more than 160wh right? (at least the domestic flights)

Below found some images of the battery and I see a UN38.3 standard. Would that mean it can go to cargo planes only or if so it's also permissible on passenger flights?

I was thinking that maybe EUCs can have such batteries as optional for travelling. Wouldn't that be great for most of us?


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They could probably print the likeness of Marty Backe on the batteries, but that doesn't mean they are MB endorsed.  :D

You look to be correct with the 160 wh limit at least according to AirCan.


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