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EUC Ride in National Mall or anywhere in Washington, DC area

Rakesh Shah

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@Rakesh Shah Different groups of us have been there several times and usually someone posts in the other megathread when they're trying to get a group together. As far as speed goes, it is unlikely that you will be able to ride 15mph for long distance on or near the National Mall. The speed limit of a PMD in all of DC is 10 miles per hour (§ 50–2201.04a)  so technically I think you'd be breaking the law. The only place where you might be able to ride faster without being hassled would be on some of the bike lanes. Pennsylvania Avenue has great smooth protected bike lanes in the center of the street for example.

If you're riding on the sidewalks when there are lots of people around you should not be going faster than 10mph anyway. Pedestrians tend to do unpredictable and stupid things, I should know I am sometimes one of them. :D Also note that technically you're not supposed to have an EUC (or a bike) on the sidewalk in the Central Business District of DC but I do ride the sidewalks when there are no bike lanes and it's a busy street. However I also keep a low speed and very clear of pedestrians.

Please remember that EUCs are still unique enough that people watch what we do very carefully. We are all goodwill ambassadors of the technology. If they see an EUC rider doing something annoying or unsafe they will tend to put that as much on the device as on the operator. I have no problem riding a bit slower for riders who are still learning or people with slower wheels. A big part of the fun is just getting together and sharing experiences!

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