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There is another relatively recent thread on the subject, I hope you’ll find it. The conversation was slightly on the warmer side, and atleast I’m not interested in participating in a new one... <_<

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20 minutes ago, Smoother said:

I'm not really worried about it.  It's just an observation, that I thought other sight find interesting, or not.  There's no stated or implied question.

You just made me remember something about the tires that no one has mentioned in about a year.  People used to complain about the strong chemical smell of the tire that would last for weeks.  Some people would keep the wheel in the garage or outside until the smell went away.  Something to do with Chinese rubber having a very strong smell.  All these people getting new wheels recently and no one says anything about it anymore.  I wonder if the tires are made differently these days.

My first wheel from about 18 months ago had a smelly tire.  (TGT3 cheap generic)

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4 hours ago, The Fat Unicyclist said:

More significantly... does your tyre have a maximum pressure? And are you well in excess of that?

...even if his pressure is in the range of maximum pressure, there is anyway his extra load in weight when hi rides on :P



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