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WheelLog - 100 cell spreadsheet average chart

Bob Eisenman

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I made a WheelLog recording of a 10 km ride and imported the comma separated value (CSV) file into a spreadsheet. Copying only the speed, battery %, voltage and distance columns to a new spreadsheet and inserting a line chart of the values produces a line graph with a lot of variation, especially for the battery trace:


If you create a new column for each parameter trace which is a plot of the average of each 100 incremented cells rather than a plot of all cells then the resulting chart is easier to read. In the chart shown above the average 100 cell trace is plotted over the single cell trace. In the following chart only the averaged 100 cell trace is shown:


Yellow=  (battery) voltage

Red= battery %

Blue= speed (km/hr)

Green= distance (km)


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