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Unicycle to do 25/35 km a day


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hello guys!
first time in the forum but i already tried to read a lot of previous topics... but no answers for me :(

i'm in a strange condition...
my university is 12,5 km far from my house, and my girlfriend's house is another 10 km (i live in a flat city, no hills etc ...) and my weight is around 85kg.

so i usually do from 25 to 35 km per day...
i'm currently going with my car, but i want to change, to save some money and be more comfortable.

i was looking to buy a tg-f5 528wh on banggood...

(i don't care about light-shows and blutooth speakers etc...) i just want something that can bring me around!

that's the maximum price i'd like to spend, since i live in italy and after, i should pay around 28% of customs duties

what are your experences/suggestions? 528wh wil be enough?
can you give me any advises?

thank you for your time!

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So that's about 560€ according to my convertions which isn't a bad price for a large battery euc but I can't find the motor power or what make of battery it uses. 

If it's a 350W then it will do what you want but slowly and will be easy to outlean. If it's a 500W  then it will be fine although I can't see a top speed which for the distances you will be travelling you will get fairly fed up quite soon if it's slow.

As I don't know the wheel I can't be much more help except by suggesting selling the car and adding the money to get one of the better known eucs.

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528Wh should be enough, at least if they're quality cells.

The typical usage for most people seems to be about around 10-20Wh per kilometer, depending on rider weight, riding style, up- & downhill, temperature etc. I weight around 60kg with full gear and use around 10-12Wh/km typically on my Firewheel, although with strong headwinds & lots of uphill climb that can go up to 14Wh/km, riding slower than usual it can go below 10Wh/km. At the other end of the spectrum, vee73 does heavy off-road riding, and can go up to 60Wh/km. ;) 

I'm not 100% sure, but I'd expect the Wh per km to go down a bit with more battery packs (528Wh is probably 4 pieces of 132Wh-packs), as one pack gets less stress (the more current you draw from a cell, the less capacity you get out of it), but that's just a feeling. Will have to check once I get my new batteries.

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Last month I did an eWheel comparison chart. It needs a bit of updating, but gives a new user the idea of what sort of eWheel are around to fit their requirements. In a future version will be including GW, E+ & the KS series.

Dark green arrows are the primary options & light green the secondary or less optimal but possible choices.   


Buyer's Guide for Choosing a Wheel.png

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thank you all...
the motor should be 350W for a maximum speed of 15km/h
diameter of the wheel should be 14''.

mmmm any other suggestion on that range price for a bigger motor?
haha :D thanks for the advise of selling the car :D  unfortunately i need it :D:D

thank you... for the t3 264 they should use only one battery of 265wh, so i hope they are putting only 2x264 instead of 4x132 :) and they should be samsung(i dont know if it helps)

but, QUESTION: riding for 1 hour constantly, might affect the prestations of the unicycle?


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eWheel buying is actually really simple: 1) buy a decent brand like KS, GW, IPS, Ninebot, Inmotion (AW & TG do not have the specs, sorry), 2) buy the one with the most battery capacity you can, as it directly impacts the power delivery as well, 3) understand what the limitations of device before buying, 4) if you can, try to buy from a local dealer with a local warranty, because there is a fairly good chance you'll need servicing.    


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Samsung are a good battery, though not the best.

Is the 15kph before warnings/tilt back or after it? It's fairly slow but you won't notice that until you've been riding a while.

In your price range, if it truly is the most you can spare I cannot think of another wheel that is available unless you manage to find a second hand euc.

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