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Changed my inner tube last night, TWICE!!


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So 2 Sundays ago I ripped the valve stem out of my wheel.  By Tuesday I had a couple of replacements on their way from Poland, thanks to @steve454 doing some research. Tubes arrived Monday, so no excuse but to do it.

All the typical stuff getting a tire off, then comes a decision:

which way to orient the valve?  Putting some air in the tube, to keep it ridged, so I could get an accurate look at it, it made sense to copy the factory orientation.  So,I did that but I just wasn't happy with the direction the vale was pointing. You see the problem is the valve stem is mounted slap dab in the centre of the tube, but angled outwards a bit.  But the hole in the wheel( KS14c )IS NOT IN THE CENTRE (centre,.English spelling, from the French I guess). So forcing a centred valve stem through an off-centre hole puts a kink in the tube and causes the stem to stick out a bit sideways.  No amount of Pfaffing with it, made it right.

so I put it all back together, and I do mean ALL together, only to discover that the stem rubs on the shell as the wheel rotates  ahhhgggg????????

apart again, tire loosened, again, inner tube out, again.  Tube swapped around so that not only does  the stem face the other way from the factory setup, but it's also angled In towards the wheel; a different kink.

back together, and it's working well, but knowing how kinked the stem is already, I'm loathe to handle it much to fit a pump.  So I added my own version of an extension, which I leave in place, so I don't have to move the stem around when pumping it up  

if I ever have to remove a tire again, on a small wheel, I think I'll take a drill bit to the wheel and make a new hole for the valve stem, a lot closer to the centre.

this is not so much of a problem on bigger wheels, as there's more room between the motor and the wheel.  On a mini monster like the KS14, the motor IS THE WHEEL  There's almost no room for the valve stem.

i took pictures but they're on my phone and I can't remember my login, otherwise I'd upload them.  Maybe tomorrow.


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Actually I did that. There's just no aligning two holes that aren't aligned.  The valve in dead centre and the wheel hole is a good 1cm off centre.

interestingly, I discovered the same issue on my ks16s. Because the motor on the 16 is as big as the rim, the same misalignment issues arise.  Still I'm glad it's a bigger motor and not just a 14" motor on a 16" rim.  More torque, the further the magnets are from the axle.?

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